Composite Higgs boson pair production at the LHC

  • R. Gröber
  • M. MühlleitnerEmail author


The measurement of the trilinear and quartic Higgs self-couplings is necessary for the reconstruction of the Higgs potential. This way the Higgs mechanism as the origin of electroweak symmetry breaking can be tested. The couplings are accessible in multi-Higgs production processes at the LHC. In this paper we investigate the prospects of measuring the trilinear Higgs coupling in composite Higgs models. In these models, the Higgs boson emerges as a pseudo-Goldstone boson of a strongly interacting sector, and the Higgs potential is generated by loops of the Standard Model (SM) gauge bosons and fermions. The Higgs self-couplings are modified compared to the SM and controlled by the compositeness parameter ξ in addition to the Higgs boson mass. We construct areas of sensitivity to the trilinear Higgs coupling in the relevant parameter space for various final states.


Higgs Physics Beyond Standard Model Technicolor and Composite Models 


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