One-loop operator matching in the static heavy and domain-wall light quark system with O(a) improvement

  • Tomomi IshikawaEmail author
  • Yasumichi Aoki
  • Jonathan M. Flynn
  • Taku Izubuchi
  • Oleg Loktik


We discuss perturbative O(g 2 a) matching with static heavy quarks and domain-wall light quarks for lattice operators relevant to B-meson decays and \( {B^0} - {\bar{B}^0} \) mixing. The chiral symmetry of the light domain-wall quarks does not prohibit operator mixing at O(a) for these operators. The O(a) corrections to physical quantities are non-negligible and must be included to obtain high-precision simulation results for CKM physics. We provide results using plaquette, Symanzik, Iwasaki and DBW2 gluon actions and applying APE, HYP1 and HYP2 link-smearing for the static quark action.


Lattice QCD Heavy Quark Physics B-Physics 


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  • Yasumichi Aoki
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  • Jonathan M. Flynn
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  • Taku Izubuchi
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  • Oleg Loktik
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  1. 1.Physics DepartmentUniversity of ConnecticutStorrsU.S.A.
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  3. 3.School of Physics and AstronomyUniversity of SouthamptonHighfieldU.K.
  4. 4.Physics DepartmentBrookhaven National LaboratoryUptonU.S.A.
  5. 5.Physics DepartmentColumbia UniversityNew YorkU.S.A.
  6. 6.Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute for the Origin of Particles and the Universe (KMI)Nagoya UniversityNagoyaJapan

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