Mass deformed ABJM and \( \mathcal{P}\mathcal{T} \) symmetry

  • Louise AndersonEmail author
  • Matthew M. Roberts
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We consider real mass and FI deformations of ABJM theory preserving supersymmetry in the large N limit, and compare with holographic results. On the field theory side, the problems amounts to a spectral problem of a non-Hermitian Hamiltonian. For certain values of the deformation parameters this is invariant under an antiunitary operator (generalised \( \mathcal{P}\mathcal{T} \) symmetry), which ensures the partition function remains real and allows us to calculate the free energy using tools from statistical physics. The results obtained are compatible with previous work, the important new feature being that these are obtained directly from the real deformations, without analytic continuation.


1/N Expansion Chern-Simons Theories Matrix Models Supersymmetric Gauge Theory 


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