Matrix models for β-ensembles from Nekrasov partition functions

  • Piotr SułkowskiEmail author


We relate Nekrasov partition functions, with arbitrary values of ϵ 1, ϵ 2 parameters, to matrix models for β-ensembles. We find matrix models encoding the instanton part of Nekrasov partition functions, whose measure, to the leading order in ϵ 2 expansion, is given by the Vandermonde determinant to the power β = −ϵ 1/ϵ 2. An additional, trigonometric deformation of the measure arises in five-dimensional theories. Matrix model potentials, to the leading order in ϵ 2 expansion, are the same as in the β = 1 case considered in 0810.4944 [hep-th]. We point out that potentials for massive hypermultiplets include multi-log, Penner-like terms. Inclusion of Chern-Simons terms in five-dimensional theories leads to multi-matrix models. The role of these matrix models in the context of the AGT conjecture is discussed.


Matrix Models Extended Supersymmetry Topological Strings 


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