Cusp anomalous dimension and rotating open strings in AdS/CFT

  • R. Espíndola
  • J. Antonio García
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


In the context of AdS/CFT we provide analytical support for the proposed duality between a Wilson loop with a cusp, the cusp anomalous dimension, and the meson model constructed from a rotating open string with high angular momentum. This duality was previously studied using numerical tools in [1]. Our result implies that the minimum of the profile function of the minimal area surface dual to the Wilson loop, is related to the inverse of the bulk penetration of the dual string that hangs from the quark-anti-quark pair (meson) in the gauge theory.


AdS-CFT Correspondence Gauge Symmetry String Duality 


Open Access

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  1. 1.Departamento de Física de Altas Energías, Instituto de Ciencias NuclearesUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoCiudad de MéxicoMéxico

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