High energy resummation of transverse momentum distributions: Higgs in gluon fusion

  • Stefano ForteEmail author
  • Claudio Muselli
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We derive a general resummation formula for transverse-momentum distributions of hard processes at the leading logarithmic level in the high-energy limit, to all orders in the strong coupling. Our result is based on a suitable generalization of high-energy factorization theorems, whereby all-order resummation is reduced to the determination of the Born-level process but with incoming off-shell gluons. We validate our formula by applying it to Higgs production in gluon fusion in the infinite top mass limit. We check our result up to next-to-leading order by comparison to the high energy limit of the exact expression and to next-to-next-to leading order by comparison to NNLL transverse momentum (Sudakov) resummation, and we predict the high-energy behaviour at next3-to-leading order. We also show that the structure of the result in the small transverse momentum limit agrees to all orders with general constraints from Sudakov resummation.


Resummation Higgs Physics QCD 


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