Orientifolding of the ABJ Fermi gas

  • Kazumi OkuyamaEmail author
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The grand partition functions of ABJ theory can be factorized into even and odd parts under the reflection of fermion coordinate in the Fermi gas approach. In some cases, the even/odd part of ABJ grand partition function is equal to that of \( \mathcal{N}=5\;\mathrm{O}(n)\times \mathrm{U}\mathrm{S}\mathrm{p}\left({n}^{\prime}\right) \) theory, hence it is natural to think of the even/odd projection of grand partition function as an orientifolding of ABJ Fermi gas system. By a systematic WKB analysis, we determine the coefficients in the perturbative part of grand potential of such orientifold ABJ theory. We also find the exact form of the first few “half-instanton” corrections coming from the twisted sector of the reflection of fermion coordinate. For the Chern-Simons level k = 2,4,8 we find closed form expressions of the grand partition functions of orientifold ABJ theory, and for k = 2, 4 we prove the functional relations among the grand partition functions conjectured in arXiv:1410.7658.


Nonperturbative Effects M-Theory Matrix Models 


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