Bulk viscosity in holographic Lifshitz hydrodynamics

  • Carlos Hoyos
  • Bom Soo Kim
  • Yaron Oz
Open Access


We compute the bulk viscosity in holographic models dual to theories with Lifshitz scaling and/or hyperscaling violation, using a generalization of the bulk viscosity formula derived in arXiv:1103.1657 from the null focusing equation. We find that only a class of models with massive vector fields are truly Lifshitz scale invariant, and have a vanishing bulk viscosity. For other holographic models with scalars and/or massless vector fields we find a universal formula in terms of the dynamical exponent and the hyperscaling violation exponent.


Gauge-gravity correspondence Space-Time Symmetries Holography and condensed matter physics (AdS/CMT) 


Open Access

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