Identifying boosted objects with N-subjettiness

  • Jesse ThalerEmail author
  • Ken Van Tilburg


We introduce a new jet shape — N-subjettiness — designed to identify boosted hadronically-decaying objects like electroweak bosons and top quarks. Combined with a jet invariant mass cut, N-subjettiness is an effective discriminating variable for tagging boosted objects and rejecting the background of QCD jets with large invariant mass. In efficiency studies of boosted W bosons and top quarks, we find tagging efficiencies of 30% are achievable with fake rates of 1%. We also consider the discovery potential for new heavy resonances that decay to pairs of boosted objects, and find significant improvements are possible using N-subjettiness. In this way, N-subjettiness combines the advantages of jet shapes with the discriminating power seen in previous jet substructure algorithms.


Jets Beyond Standard Model Hadronic Colliders 


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