Δ-algebra and scattering amplitudes

  • Freddy Cachazo
  • Nick Early
  • Alfredo Guevara
  • Sebastian MizeraEmail author
Open Access
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


In this paper we study an algebra that naturally combines two familiar operations in scattering amplitudes: computations of volumes of polytopes using triangulations and constructions of canonical forms from products of smaller ones. We mainly concentrate on the case of G(2, n) as it controls both general MHV leading singularities and CHY integrands for a variety of theories. This commutative algebra has also appeared in the study of configuration spaces and we called it the Δ-algebra. As a natural application, we generalize the well-known square move. This allows us to generate infinite families of new moves between non-planar on-shell diagrams. We call them sphere moves. Using the Δ-algebra we derive familiar results, such as the KK and BCJ relations, and prove novel formulas for higher-order relations. Finally, we comment on generalizations to G(k, n).


Scattering Amplitudes Supersymmetric Gauge Theory Field Theories in Higher Dimensions 


Open Access

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  1. 1.Perimeter Institute for Theoretical PhysicsWaterlooCanada
  2. 2.Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridgeUnited States
  3. 3.Department of Physics & AstronomyUniversity of WaterlooWaterlooCanada
  4. 4.CECs Valdivia & Departamento de FísicaUniversidad de ConcepciónConcepciónChile

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