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\( B\to {K}^{\left(\ast \right)}\nu \overline{\nu} \) decays in the Standard Model and beyond

  • Andrzej J. Buras
  • Jennifer Girrbach-Noe
  • Christoph Niehoff
  • David M. Straub
Open Access
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We present an analysis of the rare exclusive B decays \( B\to K\nu \overline{\nu} \) and \( B\to {K}^{\ast}\nu \overline{\nu} \) within the Standard Model (SM), in a model-independent manner, and in a number of new physics (NP) models. Combining new form factor determinations from lattice QCD with light-cone sum rule results and including complete two-loop electroweak corrections to the SM Wilson coefficient, we obtain the SM predictions \( \mathrm{B}\mathrm{R}\left({B}^{+}\to {K}^{+}\nu \overline{\nu}\right)=\left(4.0\pm 0.5\right)\times 1{0}^{-6} \) and \( \mathrm{B}\mathrm{R}\left({B}^0\to {K}^{\ast 0}\nu \overline{\nu}\right)=\left(9.2\pm 1.0\right)\times 1{0}^{-6} \), more precise and more robust than previous estimates. Beyond the SM, we make use of an effective theory with dimension-six operators invariant under the SM gauge symmetries to relate NP effects in \( b\to s\nu \overline{\nu} \) transitions to bsℓ + transitions and use the wealth of experimental data on BK (∗) + and related modes to constrain NP effects in \( B\to {K}^{\left(\ast \right)}\nu \overline{\nu} \). We then consider several specific NP models, including Z′ models, the MSSM, models with partial compositeness, and leptoquark models, demonstrating that the correlations between \( b\to s\nu \overline{\nu} \) observables among themselves and with B s  → μ + μ and b → sℓ + transitions offer powerful tests of NP with new right-handed couplings and non-MFV interactions.


Rare Decays Beyond Standard Model B-Physics Standard Model 


Open Access

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  • Jennifer Girrbach-Noe
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  • Christoph Niehoff
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  • David M. Straub
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