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Mass effects in the Higgs-gluon coupling: boosted vs. off-shell production

  • Malte Buschmann
  • Dorival Gonçalves
  • Silvan Kuttimalai
  • Marek Schönherr
  • Frank Krauss
  • Tilman Plehn
Open Access
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


In the upcoming LHC run we will be able to probe the structure of the loopinduced Higgs-gluon coupling through kinematics. First, we establish state-of-the-art simulations with up to two jets to next-to-leading order including top mass effects. They allow us to search for deviations from the low-energy limits in boosted Higgs production. In addition, the size of the top mass effects suggests that they should generally be included in Higgs studies at the LHC. Next, we show how off-shell Higgs production with a decay to four leptons is sensitive to the same top mass effects. We compare the potential of both methods based on the same top-Higgs Lagrangian. Finally, we comment on related model assumptions required for a Higgs width measurement.


QCD Phenomenology Phenomenological Models 


Open Access

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