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Resolving Lifshitz horizons

  • Sarah HarrisonEmail author
  • Shamit Kachru
  • Huajia Wang
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Via the AdS/CFT correspondence, ground states of field theories at finite charge density are mapped to extremal black brane solutions. Studies of simple gravity + matter systems in this context have uncovered wide new classes of extremal geometries. The Lifshitz metrics characterising field theories with non-trivial dynamical critical exponent z ≠ 1 emerge as one common endpoint in doped holographic toy models. However, the Lifshitz horizon exhibits mildly singular behaviour - while curvature invariants are finite, there are diverging tidal forces. Here we show that in some of the simplest contexts where Lifshitz metrics emerge, Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theories, toy models of generic corrections can lead (presumably as one possibility among many) to a replacement of the Lifshitz metric, in the deep infrared, by a re-emergent AdS 2 × R 2 geometry. Thus, at least in these cases, the Lifshitz scaling characterises the physics over a wide range of energy scales, but the mild singularity is cured by quantum or stringy effects.


AdS-CFT Correspondence Holography and condensed matter physics (AdS/CMT) 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics, Department of PhysicsStanford UniversityStanfordU.S.A
  2. 2.Theory Group, SLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryMenlo ParkU.S.A

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