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Higgs Strahlung at the Large Hadron Collider in the 2-Higgs-doublet model


We present a calculation of all relevant contributions to associated production of a Higgs boson with a weak gauge boson in the 2-Higgs-doublet model (2HDM) at the LHC, pp → ϕ, with ϕ ∈ {h, H 0 , A} and V ∈ {W, Z}. While for the W ϕ mode, this mostly amounts to a simple rescaling of the Standard Model (SM) cross section, the cross section depends on several 2HDM parameters. The ratio σ , for which we present the currently most complete SM prediction, therefore appears to be a sensitive probe of possible New Physics effects. We study its numerical dependence on the top and bottom Yukawa couplings, including their sign. Furthermore, we consider the Wϕ/Zϕ ratio in exemplary 2HDM scenarios and briefly address the effects in the boosted regime. Analogous studies for other 2HDM scenarios will become possible with an upcoming version of the program vh@nnlo which incorporates the 2HDM effects.


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