Long-lived higgsinos as probes of gravitino dark matter at the LHC


We investigate the LHC sensitivity to supersymmetric models with light higgsinos, small R-parity breaking and gravitino dark matter. The limits on decaying gravitino dark matter from gamma-ray searches with the Fermi-LAT put a lower bound on the higgsino-like neutralino NLSP decay length, giving rise to a displaced-vertex collider signature. Using publicly available tools for simulation of signal, background and detector response, we find that higgsinos with masses of 100 – 400 GeV and R-parity violation of ζ ~ 10−8 – 10−9 can show up in the 8 TeV LHC data with 10 – 30 fb−1 of integrated luminosity. We demonstrate that in the case of a signal, the higgsino mass can be determined by reconstruction of the dimuon mass edge.


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