Schwarzschild/CFT from soft black hole hair?

  • Artem AverinEmail author
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Recent studies of asymptotic symmetries suggest, that a Hamiltonian phase space analysis in gravitational theories might be able to account for black hole microstates. In this context we explain, why the use of conventional Bondi fall-off conditions for the gravitational field is too restrictive in the presence of an event horizon. This implies an enhancement of physical degrees of freedom (\( \mathcal{A} \)-modes). They provide new gravitational hair and are responsible for black hole microstates. Using covariant phase space methods, for the example of a Schwarzschild black hole, we give a proposal for the surface degrees of freedom and their surface charge algebra. The obtained two-dimensional dual theory is conjectured to be conformally invariant as motivated from the criticality of the black hole. Carlip’s approach to entropy counting reemerges as a Sugawara-construction of a 2D stress-tensor.


Black Holes Classical Theories of Gravity Gauge Symmetry 


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