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Power-law and intermediate inflationary models in f(T)-gravity

  • K. Rezazadeh
  • A. Abdolmaleki
  • K. Karami
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We study inflation in the framework of f(T)-gravity in the presence of a canonical scalar field. After reviewing the basic equations governing the background cosmology in f(T)-gravity, we turn to study the cosmological perturbations and obtain the evolutionary equations for the scalar and tensor perturbations. Solving those equations, we find the power spectra for the scalar and tensor perturbations. Then, we consider a power-law f(T) function and investigate the inflationary models with the power-law and intermediate scale factors. We see that in contrast with the standard inflationary scenario based on the Einstein gravity, the power-law and intermediate inflationary models in f(T)-gravity can be compatible with the observational results of Planck 2015 at 68% CL. We find that in our f(T) setting, the potentials responsible for the both power-law and intermediate inflationary models have the power-law form V(ϕ) ∝ ϕ m but the power m is different for them. Therefore, we can refine some of power-law inflationary potentials in the framework of f(T)-gravity while they are disfavored by the observational data in the standard inflationary scenario. Interestingly enough, is that the self-interacting quartic potential V(ϕ) ∝ ϕ 4 which has special reheating properties, can be consistent with the Planck 2015 data in our f(T) scenario while it is ruled out in the standard inflationary scenario.


Cosmology of Theories beyond the SM Classical Theories of Gravity 


Open Access

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