One-loop Higgs plus four gluon amplitudes: full analytic results

  • Simon BadgerEmail author
  • E. W. Nigel Glover
  • Pierpaolo Mastrolia
  • Ciaran Williams
Open Access


We consider one-loop amplitudes of a Higgs boson coupled to gluons in the limit of a large top quark mass. We treat the Higgs as the real part of a complex field ϕ that couples to the self-dual field strengths and compute the one-loop corrections to the ϕ-NMHV amplitude, which contains one gluon of positive helicity whilst the remaining three have negative helicity. We use four-dimensional unitarity to construct the cut-containing contributions and a hybrid of Feynman diagram and recursive based techniques to determine the rational piece. Knowledge of the ϕ-NMHV contribution completes the analytic calculation of the Higgs plus four gluon amplitude. For completeness we also include expressions for the remaining helicity configurations which have been calculated elsewhere. These amplitudes are relevant for Higgs plus jet production via gluon fusion in the limit where the top quark is large compared to all other scales in the problem.


Higgs Physics Jets NLO Computations QCD 


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  • E. W. Nigel Glover
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  • Pierpaolo Mastrolia
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