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“VBA for Modelers: Developing Decision Support Systems Using Microsoft Excel” by S. Christian Albright Duxbury Press, 2001

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Some people define a “model” as a spreadsheet full of numbers that are connected via formulas in meaningful ways. They construct the connections and then observe and report how some numbers change in response to changes in other, connected numbers.

What if, however, not the modeler himself but his pointy-haired boss wants to try different inputs and to view pretty outputs without understanding the intricacies of the underlying connections? The modeler might like to provide user-friendly front and back ends to accept inputs, perhaps through dialog boxes, and display outputs, perhaps with tables and charts. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) can help.

Users of Microsoft Office tools such as Excel and Word may use VBA unknowingly if they create macros with the Recorder, which records keystrokes, mouse clicks, and menu invocations in editable code in the VBA language. With the Visual Basic Editor, macro code as text can be manipulated or created from scratch. The VBA language for Excel...

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