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Coexistence of primary hyperparathyroidism and thyroid disease

  • M. Regal
  • C. Páramo
  • R. Luna Cano
  • L. F. Pérez Méndez
  • J. M. Sierra
  • I. Rodríguez
  • R. V. García-Mayor
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Primary hyperparathyroidism (HPT) and thyroid disease are both relatively common diseases, which can coexist in the same patient. However, mere coincidence does not seem to be a satisfactory explanation for this association. Some factors like prior exposure to radiation may play a role in the association. The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of thyroid disease associated with HPT in 54 consecutive patients who underwent parathyroidectomy in our center from January 1990 to December 1997. Twenty-eight (52%) patients had thyroid disease associated to HPT. The patients had a mean age of 61±13 yr; they were predominantly postmenopausal women. Thyroid disease was detected preoperatively in 20 (71%) patients and during the surgical procedure in 8 (29%). Two patients had previous radiation exposure; one of them with papillary carcinoma of the thyroid. Two patients had hypothyroidism. Ul-trasonography was performed in the majority of patients in their preoperative evaluation. A multin-odular goiter was seen to be the most frequent finding (76%). In addition to parathyroidectomy, 23 (82%) patients were also thyroidectomized. In conclusion, patients with HPT showed a high prevalence of thyroid disease, especially in postmeno-pausal women. Unsuspected thyroid lesions were found with sufficient frequency to warrant careful preoperative and intraoperative evaluation of both glands, in order to obviate reoperation. In experienced hands, combined surgery can be safely performed. Cervical ultrasonography is useful in the preoperative detection of nodular thyroid disease in these patients.


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  • M. Regal
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  • C. Páramo
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  • R. Luna Cano
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  • L. F. Pérez Méndez
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  • J. M. Sierra
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  • I. Rodríguez
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  • R. V. García-Mayor
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