Presentation of a Radicular Cyst Associated with a Primary Molar

  • S. GandhiEmail author
  • D. L. Franklin
Case Report


Background: A radicular cyst in a 9-year old girl is reported. Case Report: A-old child was referred from her General Dental Practitioner because of the need for obtaining expert care, assessment and treatment with regards to a radiolucency associated with her lower right second primary molar (85). Treatment: This included surgical intervention for the removal of the affected tooth, enucleation of the cyst and primary closure of the surgical area. Follow-up: This was satisfactory and 12 months post-operative the patient reported no further problems or symptoms. It could be seen that the area previously occupied by the cyst had undergone bony infill.

Key Words

Radicular Cyst Enucleation Primary Molar Pulp therapy 


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