Restoration of primary teeth: Clinical criteria for assessment of the literature

  • M. E. J. CurzonEmail author
  • K. J. Toumba


Aim: To establish a system of clinically based criteria for the assessment of papers published in peer reviewed journals concerning the use of restorative techniques in primary teeth. Background: Various publications that consider the approaches to be taken in setting up assessment criteria within the dental/medical literature were reviewed. These included the so called ‘Cochrane criteria’. On the basis of this review a set of clinically based criteria were drawn up that were then used to produce a list of criteria to be used in a series of systematic reviews of the literature concerning the various restorative techniques, materials and medicaments for pulp therapy and the restoration of primary teeth. Results: There were 25 criteria that were felt to be appropriate of which all criteria were deemed to be appropriate for pulp therapy and 23 for restorative techniques and materials. Conclusion: A set of clinically based criteria is suggested for the systematic review of publications on restorative techniques, materials and medicaments where used for pulp therapy, as used for primary teeth.

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