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Progress on Welding of High Nitrogen Alloyed Austenitic Stainless Steels

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Stainless steels are often ranked regarding the capability of their chemical composition to achieve a certain pitting resistance. This paper focuses on the weldability of nitrogen alloyed austenitic/superaustenitic stainless steels. In addition, chemical composition, corrosion and mechanical properties together with some common applications are presented. The Pitting Resistant Equivalent number PRE, shows the relative effect of Cr, Mo, N and sometimes W on the pitting corrosion resistance. Based on the PRE level, the steels are divided into three groups. For each group the following topics are covered: chemical composition; mechanical and corrosion properties; applications; weldability (general; processes; filler materials; joint properties). This review is not concerned with the 200 series (UNS S20000 series) high manganese, high nitrogen stainless steels.

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