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Lasers in dental traumatology and low level laser therapy (LLLT)

  • C. CaprioglioEmail author
  • G. Olivi
  • M. D. Genovese


BACKGROUND: Dental trauma in children is a frequent and often complex clinical event in which laser-assisted therapy, particularly using erbium lasers, can offer new treatment possibilities, improving the outcomes and reducing the associated complications. REVIEW: In particular, it is worth considering that the use of laser-assisted therapies is associated with a marked reduction in the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory medications compared with conventional procedures. Laser anaesthesia is another interesting and challenging area. CONCLUSION: Given the paucity of data on laser-assisted dental trauma therapy in the international literature and the absence of well-structured guidelines, this is an area ripe for scientific research.

Key words

Dental trauma paediatric dentistry erbium laser 


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