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A unique presentation of severe tongue biting in 10 month-old twins with a novel approach to management

  • A. Suchak
  • M. MarsEmail author
Case Report


BACKGROUND: Tongue biting in infants has a variety of aetiological factors and is a distressing problem. CASE REPORT: 10 month-old twin boys presented with severe ulceration of the tongue caused by self-mutilation and a maternal family history of this condition. TREATMENT: Thermoplastic splints were used to protect the tongue and facilitate healing, with denture fixative added to aid retention in the mouth. FOLLOW-UP: The twins have been recalled regularly and at their most recent review, two years after initial presentation, one twin did not need a splint at all, and the other suffered only from very occasional episodes of tongue-biting. CONCLUSION: A conservative and well-tolerated approach to treatment for such problems is presented.

Key words

Tongne-biting oral ulceration splint 


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  1. 1.Maxillofacial and Dental DepartmentGreat Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS TrustLondonEngland

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