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Treatment of large dentigerous cysts in children

  • J. Berdén
  • G. Koch
  • C. UllbroEmail author
Case Series


AIM: To present a series of clinical cases of children treated for large dentigerous cysts with a conservative and tissue preserving surgical approach. METHODS: A follow-up study of 11 children aged 5–11 years old treated for large dentigerous cysts with decompression. The children were followed from the first appointment when the cysts were diagnosed until the full eruption of the involved and displaced teeth. The treatment procedure is described step by step. Three of the 11 cases are presented in detail. RESULTS: All permanent teeth displaced by the dentigerous cysts, except a wisdom tooth and a maxillary canine, erupted in a correct position and in good occlusion. No facial disfigurations or defects of oral tissues occurred. CONCLUSIONS: A decompression approach, as described in this paper, is rewarding for the patient and the surgeon. It would be unethical and destructive to the maxillofacial bone structure not to treat large dentigerous cysts in children by decompression.

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  1. 1.Dept. of Paediatric DentistryInstitute for Postgraduate Dental EducationJönköpingSweden

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