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Fluoride-containing gels, mouth rinses and varnishes: An update of evidence of efficacy

  • S. PoulsenEmail author


AIM: This was to review and update knowledge from presently available systematic reviews of clinical trials on the effect of fluoride containing gels, mouth rinses and varnishes. METHODS: The review was based on an electronic search of three data bases (PubMed 2000 to 2008, EMBASE 2000–2009, Cochrane 2000–2008) using a search profile similar to that used in previous Cochrane reviews on the caries-preventive effect of topical fluoride methods. Only randomized and semi-randomized trials were included. RESULTS: Four new studies were identified on fluoride-containing gels, one on fluoride mouth rinses and four on fluoride-containing varnishes. Prevented fractions obtained in the permanent dentition were consistent with the estimates found in previous reviews, while the effect obtained on caries in the primary dentition remains uncertain. The only study that compared the effect of different fluoride compounds, could not find any difference. CONCLUSIONS: The effect of the three methods on caries in the permanent dentition is well described, while the effect on caries in the primary dentition remains to be determined. The effect of choice of fluoride compound is also not known.


Topical fluorides Review 


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