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Knowledge of paediatric dentistry by recently-qualified general dentists: a pilot study

  • J. FoleyEmail author


Aim: To determine an overview of opinions and knowledge of paediatric dentistry amongst a group of recently-qualified dentists working within the Scottish Hospital Dental Service. Study design: A prospective questionnaire-based survey undertaken at Dundee Dental Hospital and School, NHS Tayside, Scotland. The survey evaluated dentists’ opinion of managing the child patient and the location of dental treatment as well as knowledge of trauma, minor oral surgery, developmental disorders, mixed dentition problems and joint paediatric/orthodontic scenarios. Results: Data were available for 15 dentists (M: 7; F: 8), median age 25.00 (interquartile range 25.4, 27.2) years. Of the respondents, 73.3% enjoyed treating children, although concerns regarding the management of both dental trauma and paediatric minor oral surgery cases were noted by 93.3% and 100% of dentists respectively. Concerning the location of treatment for the child patient, 66.7% believed that this should be ‘shared-care’ between the general dental practitioners (GDP) and Community Dental Service (CDS), whilst 20.0% and 13.3% observed that this should be undertaken within the CDS and by the GDP respectively. None of the dentists felt that treatment should be undertaken either privately or within the hospital services. Overall, dentists were best able to answer questions relating to mixed dentition and paediatric/orthodontic problems and least able to do so for minor oral surgical conditions. Conclusion: This pilot study offers baseline data regarding both opinions and also knowledge of paediatric dentistry amongst a group of recently-qualified dentists. Further educational opportunities in this discipline at the postgraduate level may be beneficial.

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  1. 1.Department of Paediatric DentistryDundee Dental HospitalDundeeUK

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