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Onset Time for High-Dose Vecuronium after Propofol or Thiopental Anaesthesia

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The effect of bolus administration of high-dose vecuronium (0.17 mg/kg) on neuromuscular blockade in terms of onset time, duration of action and recovery rate were studied in 30 patients anaesthetised with either propofol 2 mg/kg or thiopental 5 mg/kg.

Neuromuscular block was registered by measuring mechanical responses of adductor pollicis muscle after supramaximal stimulation of the ulnar nerve at 0.1Hz and 2Hz.

The onset time was significantly shorter in patients anaesthetised with propofol than in those anaesthetised with thiopental (106 vs 156 seconds; p < 0.01). However, there was no significant difference between the 2 groups in either the duration of action of vecuronium neuromuscular blockade or the recovery rate.

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