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Refining Copper Scrap by Gas Injection


Using a porous plug or a tuyere, a copper bath composed of electrical scrap may be oxidized or deoxidized through the application of gas injection. Dry air and a hydrocarbon were used in the tests at scales of 16 kg, 400 kg and 16 t.

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Additional information

G.J. Rom’an-Moguel received his Ph.D. in process metallurgy from the University of British Columbia in 1985. He is currently a professor in the Divisi’on de Ingen’ieria Met-al’urgica, ESIQIE-Instituto Polit’ecnico National, Mexico. Dr. Rom’an-Moguel is also a member of TMS.

F. Olvera received his B.Sc. in industrial engineering from Universidad del Valle de M’exico in 1985. He is currently a research engineer with the research and development department of the copper recycling plant of CONDUMEX Group, Mexico.

S. Aguirre received his M.Sc. in mechanical engineering from ESIME-Instituto Polit’ecnico Nacional, Mexico, in 1974. He is currently plant manager at the copper recycling and continuous casting plant of CONDUMEX Group, Mexico.

B. S’anchez received his B.Sc. in metallurgical engineering from ESIQIE-Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico, in 1985. He is currently a metallurgical consultant with the electromanufacturers section of CONDUMEX Group, Mexico.

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  • Molten Copper
  • Porous Plug
  • Rotary Furnace
  • Flow Control Valve
  • Porous Element