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A Review of Nickel Pyrometallurgical Operations

  • C. M. Diaz
  • C. A. Landolt
  • A. Vahed
  • A. E. M. Warner
  • J. C. Taylor
Processes Overview


While the vast majority of the world’s nickel is produced using pyrometallurgical techniques, the equipment and processes employed in such production encompass a variety of technologies. Even though certain patterns are followed by many companies, the nature of the raw materials dictates how process parameters will vary from smelter to smelter. In addition, much remains unknown about nickel smelting. Further work is clearly required in such areas as the thermochemistry of sulfide, oxide and metal systems, correlation of industrial data with theoretical information and techniques to improve equipment design.


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  • C. M. Diaz
  • C. A. Landolt
  • A. Vahed
  • A. E. M. Warner
  • J. C. Taylor

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