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Automatic design of a one-to-many optical-interconnects lens system using aspherics


Use of an aspherical surface in the design of a lens system for one-to-many optical-interconnects (OTM-OI), composed of a doublet lens and a gradient-index (GRIN) lens array has been investigated. Applying the procedure of ALSIE (Automatic Lens design by Solving InEqualities), the off-axis lens systems, which feature the optical performance of the OTM-OI lens system, are optimized at 0.1 numerical aperture with a total field of view of 2°. Three aspherical designs with the aspherical surface for different surfaces are presented. The aspherical designs show preferable modulation transfer function (MTF) for high frequency as compared with the spherical design.

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Renero-Carrillo, F., Ichioka, Y. Automatic design of a one-to-many optical-interconnects lens system using aspherics. Optical Review 1, 248–253 (1994). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03254877

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Key words

  • unconventional lens design
  • GRIN lens
  • optical interconnects