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Audi 4.0 V8 TDI

The first diesel engine in the new Audi family of V engines Part 1: Design and mechanical features

Audi 4.0 V8-TDI — der erste Dieselmotor der neuen Audi-V-Motorenbaureihe — Teil 1: Konstruktion und Mechanik

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The 4.0-litre V8 TDI now being introduced by Audi is the first diesel in its new family of V engines. The new V8 diesel is notable for its high power output of 202 kW and vigorous torque of 650 Nm. Its noise pattern and refinement are excellent. This V8 TDI engine harmonises convincingly with the new Audi A8, making it the most sporty diesel-engine car in the large luxury class. Development of the new engine is described in two articles. The first part presents the engine’s design and mechanical features, while the second describes its thermodynamics and applications.

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    Bach, M.; Bauder, R; Endres, H.; Hoffmann, H.; Jablonski, J.; Pölzl, H.-W.: Der neue V8-TDI-Motor von Audi. Teil 2: Konstruktion und Mechanik. In: ATZ/MTZ Sonderausgabe “10 Jahre TDI-Motor von Audi”

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    Bach, M.; Bauder, R; Hoffmann, H.; Krebser, R.; Pölzl, H.-W.; Ribes-Navarro, S.: Der V6-TDI-Motor von Audi. Teil1: Konstruktion und Mechanik. In: MTZ 64 (2003), Nr. 5

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