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Inertial measuring systems with fibre-optic gyroscopes

  • Edgar von Hinüber
Development Driving Dynamics


It is hard to imagine modern motor vehicle development without the use of gyroscope platforms as a means of vehicle motion analysis. The properties of today’s inertial measuring systems that are used for motion analysis, stabilization and 3D topology surveys are the subject of this article. As an example, we will describe the motion analysis of motor vehicles (the so-called “elk test”) that use the latest version of iMAR gyroscope platforms manufactured by iMAR GmbH, St. Ingbert (Germany). Precise sensor technologies for measuring even highly dynamic driving manoeuvres in combination with sophisticated mathematical procedures support the measuring engineer in the execution of even the most demanding measuring programs.


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Inertiale Messsysteme mit faseroptischen Kreiseln für Fahrdynamik und Topologiedaten-Erfassung


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