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Application of a single-track model for simulation and analysis of vehicle dynamics

Einspurmodell für die Fahrdynamiksimulation und -analyse

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The classic analysis of vehicle dynamics is based on the examination of many different manoeuvres and driving conditions. The information hereby gathered is partly redundant. In this article by Daimler Chrysler AG, Germany, Sindelfingen, a methodology for the analysis of vehicle dynamics is described, allowing a similar complete evaluation as the classic analysis, by using just a simple simulation model and a small number of driving manoeuvres.

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Diebold, L., Schindler, W., Haug, J. et al. Application of a single-track model for simulation and analysis of vehicle dynamics. ATZ Worldw 108, 23–25 (2006).

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  • Vehicle Dynamic
  • Rear Axle
  • Steer Wheel Angle
  • Driving Manoeuvre
  • Corner Manoeuvre