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Automated testing of a roof control module

  • Christian Müller
  • Nico Hartmann
  • Eric Sax
  • Christa Holzenkamp
Development Electrics / Electronics


Drivers have come to expect an increase in comfort, safety, and reliability from every new vehicle generation. Consequently the share of electronics in the total value of a car is rising with the ever increasing number of available electronic functions. The resulting increase in complexity is not solely a development issue, but more importantly, leads to an ever greater importance of testing and validation. By example of the Roof Control Module the Mbtech Group shows automatic testing of control units.


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Automatisiertes Testen von Steuergeräten der Dachbedieneinheit


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  • Christian Müller
  • Nico Hartmann
  • Eric Sax
  • Christa Holzenkamp

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