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HiL simulation in convenience domain

  • Konrad Reif
  • Benjamin Konrad
  • Mathias Klumpf
Research Simulation


The following article contributed by the University of Cooperative Education Ravensburg and Audi AG, describes the Hardware in the Loop Simulation (HiL Simulation) as applied to the convenience domain of an Audi A6 Avant to reproduce faults and localize their reasons. As a test example, the liftgate drive is examined in more detail. A simulation model was designed to calculate the load torque relative to the tailgate opening angle to be able to represent realistic load conditions for the electric liftgate drives. This model is implemented on a PC in real-time to actuate a motor load for the electrical drives via a power amplifier.


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HiL-Simulation im Komfortbereich am Beispiel Heckdeckel-Betätigung


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  • Konrad Reif
  • Benjamin Konrad
  • Mathias Klumpf

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