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Novel alumina titanium-carbonitride nickel composites

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Alumina-containing titanium-carbonitride nickel composites (Al2O3-TiCN-Ni-Mo2C) have been synthesized with up to 20 vol.% alumina particles and nickel contents of 10–15 vol.%. Alumina in the form of platelets as well as powders have been successfully incorporated into the composites. The mechanical properties of these composites show a marked increase in toughness while retaining a good hardness and a low density when compared to TiCN-Ni cemented carbides. The presence of alumina with its superior chemical and wear resistance makes these composites very attractive for all wear parts—particularly for pieces exposed to chemically aggressive environments and high-temperature applications. Moreover, the complementary properties of these new composites (e.g., light weight, hardness, toughness, and chemical stability) allow a wide range of applications to be envisaged.

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