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Preparation and properties of PEG-modified PHEMA hydrogel and the morphological effect


Novel HEMA based hydrogels modified by a PEG graft were prepared by the crosslinking polymerization of HEMA in the presence of a methacryloyl PEG macromer with different chain length. The increasing degree of swelling and the decreasing surface contact angle highlight the increasing hydrophilic nature of the gels modified by incorporating PEG. The PEG modified PHEMA gels had a porous network structure with pore sizes ranging from submicron to tens of microns, which changed according to composition. From the cytotoxicity test, the modified gel was found to be non-toxic and biocompatible. This material might applicable as a material for controlled drug delivery and as a gel scaffold in tissue engineering.

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Son, Y., Jung, Y.P., Kim, J. et al. Preparation and properties of PEG-modified PHEMA hydrogel and the morphological effect. Macromol. Res. 14, 394–399 (2006). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03219100

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  • HEMA
  • Dynamic Contact Angle
  • Prepared Hydrogel
  • Porous Network Structure