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Partial sternotomy (“C” incision) as standard access for full range of adult cardiac operations

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Objective: In our institute, partial sternotomy has been adopted for standard access in the full range of adult cardiac operations, including coronary artery bypass grafting. In this study, our clinical experience is reviewed.Methods: Since April 1998, of 100 cardiac surgical patients, 64 underwent partial sternotomy, while 36 patients had the traditional full sternotomy because of high surgical risk factors or anatomical reasons. Most of the patients having minimal access had a “C” incision, that is, a left lower partial sternotomy.Results: The procedures performed with the “C” incision were coronary artery bypass grafting, valve surgery, aortic root replacement, closure of atrial septal defect, and so on. There were two hospital deaths after partial sternotomy. Compared with full sternotomy patients, partial sternotomy patients had a shorter hospital stay, while their bypass times were longer. Their skin incisions were 11.7 cm on average.Conclusion: The “C” incision can provide satisfying results and can serve as the standard approach in the full range of cardiac operations.

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Takeda, M., Konishi, T., Fukata, M. et al. Partial sternotomy (“C” incision) as standard access for full range of adult cardiac operations. Jpn J Thorac Caridovasc Surg 48, 637–642 (2000).

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  • minimally invasive cardiac surgery
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  • coronary artery bypass grafting
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