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Early experience of aortic valve replacement with the freestyle® stentless aortic bioprosthesis in elderly patients


Objectives: Stentless bioprostheses have been gaining popularity in recent years as hemodynamically superior alternatives to conventional stented bioprostheses.Methods: Between July 1996 and November 1998, 13 patients with aortic valve disease, 7 males and 6 females with a mean age (±SD) of 68 ± 5 years, underwent an aortic valve replacement using the Medtronic Freestyle® aortic bioprosthesis. The predominant lesions were stenosis in 8 patients and regurgitation in 5, while 2 patients had endocarditis. The operation was performed by a subcoronary technique in 9, root-inclusion technique in 3, and full root technique in 1 patient.Results: Throughout the follow-up periods (with average follow-up period of 20.6 months), there was no hospital mortality, though there was one late death of unknown cause. The New York Heart Association class improved in all patients. The peak transvalvular gradient decreased from 18.4 ± 9.8 to 12.6 ± 9.6 mmHg, and the effective valve orifice area increased from 2.30 ± 0.96 to 2.59 ± 1.05 cm2 between the 1-month and the 6-month follow-up examinations. In patients with aortic regurgitation, the left ventricular end-diastolic/end-systolic volume index significantly decreased from 147 ± 36/62 ± 19 to 73 ± 26/33 ± 14 ml/m2 at 1 month after the operation. The left ventricular mass index also significantly decreased from 189 ± 26 to 143 ± 30 g/m2 in patients with aortic regurgitation and from 171 ± 28 to 144 ± 30 g/m2 in those with aortic stenosis.Conclusions: Although long-term follow-up is required for further evaluation, the early results appeared to indicate that the Freestyle® aortic bioprosthesis was suitable for elderly patients requiring aortic valve replacement.

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