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Aortic dissection extending from ductus diverticulum dneurysm


We report the case of a 28-year-old woman with type B chronic aortic dissection extending from a ductus diverticulum aneurysm. The patient was successfully treated by interposition of a Hemashield 26-mm woven Dacron graft with a left posterolateral thoracotomy approach. Circulatory arrest through profound hypothermia and short retrograde cerebral circulation were employed during proximal anastomosis of the graft.

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Correspondence to Tomoaki Jikuya.

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Jikuya, T., Matsuzaki, K., Watanabe, K. et al. Aortic dissection extending from ductus diverticulum dneurysm. Jpn J Thorac Caridovasc Surg 46, 595–598 (1998).

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  • aortic dissection
  • ductus diverticulum aneurysm
  • hypothermic circulatory arrest