The Australian Educational Researcher

, Volume 34, Issue 1, pp 33–54

The condition of secondary school physics education in the Philippines: Recent developments and remaining challenges for substantive improvements

  • Antriman V. Orleans


This study is aimed at assessing the state of Philippine secondary school physics education using data from a nationwide survey of 464 schools and 767 physics teachers and at identifying challenges for substantive improvements. Teacher-related indicators revealed academic qualification deficiency, low continuing professional involvements, substantial physics teaching experience, and good licensure status. Academic environment indices revealed that the number of physics classes per teacher is manageable, but the individual classes are large. Results also showed limited instructional materials and technologies, the unpopularity of professional mentoring, and favorable library and internet access. Based on these findings, challenges to developing a larger pool of competent physics teachers and equipping schools with relevant instructional devices were identified.


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  • Antriman V. Orleans
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  1. 1.Hiroshima UniversityJapan

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