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Gold as a novel catalyst in the 21st century: Preparation, working mechanism and applications

  • Masatake Haruta
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Gold can be deposited as nanoparticles on a variety of support materials by coprecipitation or deposition-precipitation of Au(OH)3, grafting of organo-gold complexes such as dimethyl-Au(III)-acetylacetonate, mixing of colloidal Au particles, and vacuum deposition. Owing to the moderate adsorption of at least one of reactants (for example, CO) on the edges and corners of Au nanoparticles and to the activation of the counter reactant (for example, O2) at the perimeter interface with the supports, supported Au nanoparticle catalysts exhibit unique and practically useful catalytic properties at relatively low temperature below 473K. They have already been commercially used for deodorizers in rest rooms in Japan and will find growing applications in indoor air quality control, pollutant emission control, production of hydrogen energy carrier, and innovations in chemical processes. Cluster science of Au may also open an exciting area of research showing some magic numbers for dramatic changes in reactivity.


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  1. 1.Research Institute for Green TechnologyAISTTsukubaJapan

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