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Liquid-liquid extraction of Au(I) by Amberlite LA2 and its application to a polymer-immobilized liquid membrane system

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The liquid-liquid extraction of Au(I) by Amberlite LA2 (secondary amine) in kerosene from cyanide media has been investigated. The analysis of metal distribution data suggested the formation of R2NH2 +Au(CN)2-species in the organic phase with formation constant log Kext=6.5 ± 0.03, whereas the use of mixtures of the amine with a solvation extractant (e.g. a phosphine oxide) shifted the gold-pH1/2 extraction towards more alkaline values. The results obtained on Au(I) distribution have been implemented in a polymerimmobilized liquid membrane system, using NaOH solutions (e.g. 0.01 mol/L) to strip the metal from the organic phase.


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Author information

Correspondence to F. J. Alguacil.

Additional information

M. Alonso (Scientific Tenure) and F.J. Alguacil (Professor) are currently within the staff of the High Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) of the Spanish Government. Their investigations include, besides aerosol sciences and environmental sciences, the hydrometallurgical processing of raw materials.

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Alguacil, F.J., Alonso, M. Liquid-liquid extraction of Au(I) by Amberlite LA2 and its application to a polymer-immobilized liquid membrane system. Gold Bull 38, 68–72 (2005). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03215235

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  • Liquid-liquid extraction
  • Membrane transport
  • Gold (I)
  • Amberlite LA2