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Rapid solvent extraction of gold(III) with high molecular weight amine from organic acid solution


A novel solvent extraction separation method has been developed for the determination of gold in real samples. It involves selective and quantitative extraction of gold by N-n-octylaniline, a high molecular weight amine (HMWA), in xylene from aqueous sodium malonate medium at pH 1.0. The effects of concentration of malonate, extractant, metal ion, and pH and of various diluents, stripping agents and other substances on the quantitative extraction of gold have been assessed. The applicability of the method to binary mixtures, synthetic mixtures, alloys and pharmaceutical samples is discussed.


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Sanjay S Kolekar is a senior research fellow studying for his Ph.D. in the field of solvent extraction of noble metals. He is currently working as the Head of the Chemistry Department, Sangola College, Sangola (India). He is a fellow of the Indian Science Congress Association, the Indian Chemical Society and the Indian Council of Chemists. His research interest is in the field of environmental chemistry, especially in the analysis of toxic metals.

Mansing A Anuse is a reader in chemistry at Shivaji University, Kolhapur (India) where he has been for 15 years. He has 18 years teaching experience in undergraduate and postgraduate departments. His fields of research interest are solvent extraction separation, spectrophotometry and environmental chemistry. He is author of 25 research papers in international journals such as Talanta, Analytical Letters and Separation Science & Technology: they describe methods for the analysis of toxic, heavy, refractory and noble metals.

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Kolekar, S.S., Anuse, M.A. Rapid solvent extraction of gold(III) with high molecular weight amine from organic acid solution. Gold Bull 34, 50–55 (2001).

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