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A new case of reciprocal translocation t(10;13)(q16;q21) diagnosed in an AI boar

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A new case of reciprocal translocation t(10; 13)(q 16;q21) was detected in a hybrid boar (Large White × Pietrain × Duroc × Hampshire) from an artificial insemination (AI) station. Altogether, 258 sires of 4 pure breeds as well as hybrid lines and crossbreeds were investigated. The diagnosis was based on classical cytogenetic examination following the standard protocols of lymphocyte cultures, Giemsa staining and G-, C- and Ag-I banding techniques. The population screening performed was an initial part of a long-term karyotype control system of boars kept at AI stations, which was started by the National Research Institute of Animal Production in Poland in 2007.

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  • AI boar
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