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Interspecies scaling: predicting clearance of anticancer drugs in humans

A comparative study of three different approaches using body weight or body surface area

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From this study it is proposed that the clearance of anti-cancer drugs may be best estimated if they follow the following trend: (i) that if the exponent of the allometric equation (clearance vs body weight) lies between 0.55–0.75 (0.75 was chosen after Kleiber’s power rule (18)), then a simple allometric equation can predict the clearance reasonably well; (ii) if the exponent of the allometric equation lies between 0.75 to approximately 0.90, clearance can be reasonably predicted using CL × MLP; and (iii) if the exponent of the allometric equation is ≥0.90, the clearance can be predicted using the product of clearance and brain weight.

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