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Fluoroimmunoassay of serum gentamicin

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Fluoroimmunoassay methods permit rapid, reliable and technicaly simple estimation of gentamicin at levels of clinical significance in microlitre amounts of serum samples. The reagents required are fluorescein-labelled gentamicin, which is easily and economically prepared and has indefinite shelf life, and anti-gentamicin serum. All methods are based on competitive binding to antiserum between labelled and unlabelled gentamicin, but because of the versatility of the fluorescence technique, various assay modes are possible. When assay of gentamicin is performed to determine apprioriate clinical dosage the preferred method is the “quenching fluoroimmunoassay” in which determinations are made by means of conventional fluorimetry of unseparated immunoassay incubation mixtures. Assay time for this technique is of the order of 10 minutes per sample. When extreme sensitivity (10 ng/ml gentamicin) is necessary, the fluorescein groups of the labelled gentamicin may be conveniently radioiodinated to provide gamma-labelled material suitable for “radiofluoresceinimmuno-assay”. In this instance total assay time is about 4 hours.

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