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Texture development of deep drawn aluminum cups

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The differently heat-treated aluminum sheets (fully recrystallized or partially recrystallized) of 1 mm thick were deep drawn from a round shape with 60 mm diameter to a drawing ratio of 1.8. The initial texture of the fully recrystallized Al-sheet can be described by a very strong {001} <100 > cube texture and a weak beta-fiber component. The initial texture of the partially recrystallized Al-sheet consisted of the cube and the beta-fiber components with same amount of fraction. Ears with 2 mm height formed at 0° and 90° to the initial rolling direction in the drawn cup of the fully recrystallized sheet. And by partially recrystallized sheet the ears were found at 0° 45° and 90° After deep drawing, the maximum intensity of ODF was reduced to ca. 25% of the initial one by the fully recrystallized sheet and ca. 50% by the partially recrystallized sheet. The spread ranges of the orientation components were expanded. The sharp cube component of initial texture remained after deep drawing but the weak beta-fiber disappeared by the fully recrystallized sheet and some other components are formed by the partially recrystallized sheet.

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Park, N. Texture development of deep drawn aluminum cups. Metals and Materials 4, 467–471 (1998).

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Key words

  • texture
  • cubic-triclin ODF
  • x-ray diffraction
  • Al-cup
  • deep drawing